Against The Current, For A Greater Cause

Against The Current, For A Greater Cause

Courtesy of Plastic Oceans International.

Against The Current is a 58-minute documentary film production of Sarah Ferguson’s swim around Easter Island (Rapa Nui). The film was supported by Plastic Oceans International, narrated by Matthew Modine, directed by Tod Hardin with cinematography and editing by Erik Aleynikov.

Cristian Vergara first attempted the 60 km circumnavigation swim around Easter Island in 2016. He fell short although he swam on for 26 hours 52 minutes. Three years later, the Durbanite completed the first circumnavigation swim around Easter Island in 2019 in 19 hours 8 minutes. The swim was planned, organized supported by Plastic Oceans International and Breathe Conservation. Her escort team included observer and Director of Cientifica Plastic Oceans Chile Camila Ahrendt, coach and feeder Sarah Houston, Dr. Rentia Denissen, safety coordinator John McCarthy, support staff Marta Vigorouxescort boat captain Hian Schneiderescort kayaker Juan Gustavo Ogaz, Gabriel Lillo, and escort kayak team of Te Manu ko Nui videographers and photographers Erik Aleynikov and Karl Oftebro, along with collaborations with the Chilean Navy, Hanga Roa Hospital, Nanaky yacht (Nautica Rapa Nui), Kayak Rapa Nui, Hotel Hotu Matua, and Discover Agency.

Ferguson’s effort was nominated for the 2019 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year award:

Far, far, far away from any continent, Sarah Ferguson set off on bringing attention to plastic pollution in the world’s oceans through her unprecedented 60 km circumnavigation swim around Easter Island in Polynesia. 19 hours 8 minutes after starting at 8:07 am, she finished at 3:15 am in a charity swim supported by Plastic Oceans International and Breathe Conservation. It was challenging, turbulent adventure with uncertainty throughout, but Ferguson and her multi-national team led by John McCarthy ultimately succeeded around Rapa Nui. For her pioneering swim where she overcame jellyfish and highly salinated water, for working intelligently towards solving the problem of plastic pollution with global organizations, and for setting a record while inspiring others to rethink plastic via environmental activism, the Easter Island swim by Sarah Ferguson is a worthy nominee for the 2019 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year.

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