Ain't No Sharks In North Dakota, Just A Mighty Red River

Ain’t No Sharks In North Dakota, Just A Mighty Red River

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Swimmers are coming from all over the place to participate in the 36-mile (57.9 km) Extreme North Dakota Watersports Endurance Test (END-WET).

Those intrepid athletes include 60-year-old Michael Miller from Hawaii.

The English, Catalina, Molokai, Maui Channel swimmer is currently training for the END-WET in the warm Pacific Ocean, usually on the south shores of Oahu, but also closer to his home on the opposite side of Honolulu. “I saw my first shark off Lanikai last week,” says the father of two. “It was a big, 10-footer about 20 feet away….asleep between two big coral heads.”

The END-WET is a river swim from rural North Dakota into East Grand Forks, Minnesota down the mighty Red River of the North where the following individuals will compete:

* Bill Daugherty (71)
* Michael Miller (60)
* Mike Schmidt (60)
* Leonard Jansen (58)
* Stefan Reinke (56)
* Dan Projansky (56 doing it butterfly)
* Patty Hermann (54)
* Suzie Dods (54)
* James Bradford Ursin (54)
* Scott Jensen (53)
* Kathleen Wilson (50)
* Franco Prezioso (48)
* Amanda Hunt (45)
* William G. Murtha (39)
* Shannon Keegan (39)
* Kevin Kopplin (37)
* Carrie Taylor (33)
* Joe Vacek (33)
* Landon Ascheman (33)
* Mary Staples (32)
* Brian Leftwich (32)
* Tim Root (31)
* Sandra Frimerman-Bergquist (30)
* Devon Dear (29)
* Sarah Ann Whitford (28)
* Max Boeckel (21)
* Braydon Love (18)

Photo above is from Michael Miller and Ian Emberson’s 1979 swim across the Molokai Channel (read their account here).

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Steven Munatones