Alberto Perez Diaz Wins Malaysia's Perhentain Swim

Alberto Perez Diaz Wins Malaysia’s Perhentain Swim

Courtesy of Mohammed Sofian Ismail, Pulau Perhentian Besar, Malaysia.

Mohammed Sofian Ismail from Malaysia summarized, “Open water swimming is a very new sport in Malaysia, but we are proud of a recent inaugural event that we believe will be much loved by the world’s open water swimming community in the future.”

His passion knows no bounds. The 59-year-old who recently completed the 15 km Clean Half Extreme Marathon Swim in Hong Kong has a heart attack during an earlier open water swim in Malaysia last year. “I had suffered a heart attack. If it wasn’t for their quick action, I don’t think I would have survived. They got me to shore and there was already an ambulance on standby. They rushed me to the Port Dickson hospital and the doctors saved my life. After inserting a stent in his heart, the doctors gave me the go-ahead to resume training. It’s what I love doing and I will continue to do it.”

Co-event organizers Jose Luis Larossa and Amir Ishak established the 16 km Perhentian Island Marathon Swim in Malayasia and a shorter 4.5 km race. 11 of the 15 swimmers completed the round island swim which was won 37-year-old Spanish coach Alberto Perez Diaz in 4 hours 13 minutes followed by Serge Domenichini in 4 hours 57 minutes and Seah Ban Kiat in 5 hours 11 minutes. Claire Parsons from Britain won the women’s division, placing seventh overall in 5 hours 46 minutes 27 seconds.

The 2018 event is planned for October 6th. For more information on the 2017 race, read here.

16 km Perhentian Island Marathon Swim Results:
1. Alberto Perez Diaz 4 hours 13 minutes [shown above]
2. Serge Domenichini 4 hours 57 minutes
3. Seah Ban Kiat 5 hours 11 minutes
4. Ghazali Musa in 5 hours 14 minutes
5. Mohammed Sofian Ismail 5 hours 40 minutes
6. Cheah Chong Yung 5 hours 46 minutes
7. Claire Parsons 5 hours 57 minutes
8. Muhammad Fauzi Othman 6 hours 26 minutes
9. Andreas Hvass 6 hours 44 minutes
10. Philip Tan 7 hours 1 minute
11. Ridzwan A. Rahim 7 hours 3 minutes

Photo shows the start at the Teluk Pauh jetty in Pulau Perhentian Besar.

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