Alex Beaulne Wins Cold Half Amid Winds And Waves

Alex Beaulne Wins Cold Half Amid Winds And Waves

A pair of teenagers and a tough channel swimmer from the epicenter of Irish open water swimming along with his British counterpart wowed the Hong Kong open water swimming community today with their gutsy efforts.

With the water hovering around 16ºC (60.8ºF) under overcast skies and a stiff wind causing bumpy lumpy conditions, the 15 km Cold Half extreme marathon swim offered a waterway that lived up to its name.

The duo team of 17-year-old Fiona Chan and 14-year-old Singha Chua set a new course record of 3 hours 28 minutes, breaking the old record by over 6 minutes despite the 16ºC (60.8ºF) waters.

Meanwhile, Ned Denison and Simon Holiday traveled halfway around the world to calmly and comfortably swim in their own bioprene in what they consider warm water. Many of the locals in contrast were outfitted in neoprene.

Denison explains his motivation for the race, “A few months ago I was starting to train less and less, without a goal that can happen. I then signed up for the 15 km Cold Half and my motivation returned. It was back to logging the swim meters.

I am packing now for another adventure, February 15th in Hong Kong: bring on the back of the island

Canadian Alex Beaulne won the 15 km Cold Half competition:
1. Alex Beaulne – 3:53:48 (neoprene)
2. Richard Letcher – 4:12:36 (neoprene)
3. Ned Denison 4:18:33 (bioprene)

Relay Competition Results:
1. Fiona Chan and Singha Chua 3:28.11
2. Hannah Wilson and Kevin Chow 3:38:56
3. Jemima Ridley (age 13) and Aneeka Styles (age 13) 3:41:57

Results of the Sub 3 Squared Club attempts by 5 endurance athletes in Day One of the Cold Standard are posted here.

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