Alex Fong, Mary Kwoh Win Clean Half In Hong Kong

Alex Fong, Mary Kwoh Win Clean Half In Hong Kong

Alex Fong, Mary Kwoh Win Clean Half In Hong Kong

Courtesy of Doug Woodring, Clean Half Extreme Marathon Swim, Hong Kong.

Alex Fong Lik Sun and Mary Dick Yuen Kwoh won the 13th annual 15 km Clean Half Extreme Marathon Swim in Hong Kong.

Race director Doug Woodring said, “It was a stellar day – one of the hottest and least windy of all 13 years. We had a great Clean Half amidst the most crazy human scenario in Hong Kong the night before with the entire subway system shut down. It was a tricky situation. Of course, the ocean was still open, and we had 100% turnout on a hot and windless day.”

Over 16 solos where three swimmers did the 30 km Double Clean Half: Alex Fong Lik Sun, Edie Hu and Daniel Vanderhave.

Clean Half Extreme Marathon Swim Soloist Results:
1. Alex Fong Lik Sun 3:44:00
2. Gregory Pierce 3:54:47
3. Richard Letcher 4:03:20
4. Mattheiu Maury 4:12:36
5. James Patton 4:28:32
6. Mary Dick Yuen Kwoh 4:32:18 [first female]
7. Flavio Marco Rusconi 4:55:56
8. Li Ling Yung 4:59:24 [second female]
9. Edie Hu 5:03:52 [third female]
10. Alice Sagar 5:19:03 [fourth female]
11. Ciara Murphy 5:29:30 [fifth female]
12. Alan David Boydell 5:46:01
13. Hector Torres 5:58:02
14. Su Scott 6:13:56 [sixth female]
15. Edouard Hoede 6:28:55
DNF Daniel Vanderhave

Clean Half Extreme Marathon Swim Yak 2-person Team Results:
1. Football Club Simon & Lachlan 4:12:51 with Simon Brewster & Lachlan Wolfers
2. Charl E 4:25:15 with Charl Esterhuizen & Brett Coetzee
3. SG All Black and Blue 4:29:09 with Luc Lechevin & Oliver Baillet
4. SJC Class 94 4:30:56 with Adrian Chu & Jeremy Wang
5. Football Club Mixed 4:49:23 with Jessica McCarroll & Simon Weller
6. DB Yak Attack 5:18:14 with Mark Fairbairn & Dave Sunter
7. vdHeuvel & Grasveld 5:26:25 with Derk vd Heuvel & Robert Jan Grasveld
8. Oldies but Goodies 5:40:35 with Katrin Buchta & Denis Wong
9. Crazy Orienteers 6:24:06

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