Alex Kostich On Successful Open Water Distance Swimming

Alex Kostich On Successful Open Water Distance Swimming

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Kevin Koskella interviewed Alex Kostich on the Global Swimming Summit. “I am just getting started and I am 46 years old and hope to have another 46 years left in me.

I found a new lease on life when I found open water swimming and received a renewed spirit [as a result]. I hope to continue it a while longer.”

His history in the pool has helped establish Kostich’s success in races from the Pacific to the Caribbean. “As a distance swimmer in college, I was swimming in lane 1 (or 8) while the coach was off with the sprinters. I learned to appreciate the solitude of distance training.”

Even at the age of 46, Kostich still trains 8,000 meters every day and he has been doing that amount since graduating from Stanford University 25 years ago. “My workout is more or less the same every day. Half of my workout is dedicated to my warm-up. The first 2,000 meters is partly backstroke, breaststroke, technique work. I will not take a hard stroke until I feel warmed up. Like today, I did 10 x 150 @ 2:00 [in a long course 50m pool] getting about 5-8 seconds rest.”

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