Alex Meyer And Eva Fabian Handily Win Flowers Sea Swim

Alex Meyer And Eva Fabian Handily Win Flowers Sea Swim

A flotilla of Olympians and Olympic medalists from the Cayman Islands, Great Britain, South Africa and the U.S. chased Alex Meyer of Harvard University and Eva Fabian of Greenwood Memorial Swim Club at the Flowers Sea Swim in the Cayman Islands, but the pool stars could not catch the open water specialists who were clearly in their preferred element.

Under bright blue tropical skies and flat water, both Alex and Eva set event records as they took relatively straight lines from start to finish on Seven Mile Beach. “I am really tired. It was really hot,” said Alex who broke away early and used his 10K and 25K open water experience to pull away from the pool superstars, winning US$5,000 for breaking the event record by 1 second.

Yes, it was really hot, but I felt pretty good,” said Eva, the 16-year-old dynamo who, like Alex, broke the existing record and will represent the U.S. at the upcoming World Open Water Swimming Championships in Canada and the Pan Pacific Swimming Championships in Long Beach.

It was awesome,” recalled Eva as she started the race right behind Alex, drafting off his feet to get a good start. As Alex picked up his pace from 72 to 78 and eventually to 80 strokes per minute to create separation from the pack, Eva also picked up her pace to 96 strokes per minute and passed the defending champion and Olympian Shaune Fraser to finish second overall. “It was hard to see the finish but it was a good race,” as she windmilled her way to the finish.

With award-winning filmmaker Frank Flowers Jr. swimming and directing cameramen on a helicopter, on kayaks and onshore, the gorgeous images and compelling story lines from the 18th annual Flowers Sea Swim will soon greet passengers on Cayman Airways flights coming into the island paradise.

Now all visitors to the Cayman Islands will learn about the incredible Flowers Sea Swim.

Top 10 Men’s Results:
1. Alex Meyer (USA) – 17.18 (event record)
2. Ally Bradley (BAR) – 17.50
3. Eugene Tee (AUS) – 17.52
4. Sebastien Rousseau (RSA) – 17.53
5. Shaune Fraser – 17.58
6. Brett Fraser – 18.21
7. Sebastian Cumins (AUS) – 19.13
8. Josh Kercheval (USA) – 19.18
9. Geoffrey Butler – 19.20
10. Seiji Groome – 19.27

Top 10 Women’s Results:
1. Eva Fabian (USA) – 17.47 (event record)
2. Bethany Robertson (AUS) – 19.22
3. Stephanie Proud (GBR) – 19.24
4. Rada Owen (USA) – 19.26
5. Lucy Smithson (AUS) – 20.14
6. Jemma Lowe (GBR) – 20.20
7. Valerie Gruest (GUA) – 20.26
8. Lara Butler – 20.48
9. Gemma Spofforth (GBR) – 21.00
10. Phoebe Dammersmith (AUS) – 21.13

A video from the 2009 Flowers Sea Swim is below:

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