Alex Meyer Has A Powerful 1-2 Combination

Alex Meyer Has A Powerful 1-2 Combination

With Alex Meyer in the mix at the 19.5 km BCT Gdynia Marathon in Poland, someone is going to have to be mighty smart to defeat the Harvard University graduate.

In his last race after 25 km and nearly 5 hours, he battled head-to-head with Thomas Lurz at the FINA World Championships, only to come up short by 1.2 seconds.

But his heart-breaking loss was clear enough to show the value of his hard work in the pool and Walden Pond, especially after fighting back from his broken clavicle in 2012.

His hard work, combined with his zest for strategic racing, is a powerful 1-2 combination with the BCT Gdynia Marathon on his radar tomorrow. But the pre-race favorite will not just be handed the US$10,000 first prize. Chris Bryan, Vladimir Dyatchin, and Arseniy Lavrentyev are going to make him work for the nice payday. The men’s field includes the following swimmers:

1. Alexander Meyer (USA)
2. Arseniy Lavrentyev (Portugal)
3. Benjamin Konschak (Germany)
4. Chris Bryan (Ireland)
5. Jan Urbaniak (Poland)
6. Jose Luis Larrosa Chorro (Spain)
7. Sebastian Karaś (Poland)
8. Vladimir Dyatchin (Russia) 9. Daniel Ponce (Spain)

Paulina Olczyk of the race organization reports that the water temperature is 18ºC (64ºF) with calm seas. “We’re hoping to have it the same conditions tomorrow. The swimmers had the possibility to swim in the sea, so everyone is looking forward for tomorrow.”

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