Alex Young Does The Ryte Thing

Alex Young Does The Ryte Thing

Alex Young Does The Ryte Thing

Courtesy of Alex Young, Ryte Sport.

Alex Young, President & Co-Founder of Ryte Sport in Southern California, has focused his time, talents and resources on designing and producing personalized swimwear, individually customized for swimmers.

But the ongoing and growing coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted his business and production in ways that he never imagined when he first founded his company.

He explains, “We are all experiencing a huge change from the coronavirus pandemic. We are supporting healthcare workers on the front lines. Due to the shortage of medical supplies like face masks, gowns, air nets, etc., we will be re-purposing our materials to make these products. We have heard from hospital administrators, doctors, and nurses, we were shocked by their stories and realize the severity of the the extreme shortage of these items. We are going to help them.

We launched the site with a buy one, give one campaign. For every mask purchased, we will donate one to a medical facility in need. If you know of any medical facilities that have an extreme shortage or need some sort of apparel made, please have them contact me directly at

With our production working again we will be prioritizing all mask orders first and then when possible, we will continue to work on our customers’ [swimsuit] orders

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