Alexander Golubkin, Teenager To The Extreme

Alexander Golubkin, Teenager To The Extreme

Alexander Golubkin was a brave boy among an intrepid group of adventurers from around the world during the unprecedented Bering Strait Swim relay, a 53-mile (86 km) relay crossing from Cape Dezhnev in Chukotka, Russia, to Cape Prince of Wales in the state of Alaska, USA.

With his father and fellow ice swimmer Alexei Golubkin at his side, the duo from Blagoveshchensk in the Amur Region of Eastern Russia represented themselves very well during the treacherous swim.

His performance The 13-year-old swam more than five times in the Bering Strait and finished the six-day swim in the 4-person relay onto the shores of Port Prince of Wales, Alaska together with another teenager Evgenii Dokuchaev, Elena Guseva (who swam across the Bering Strait in 1998 when she was 17 years old), and Chief Organiser Oleg Dokuchaev.

The bravery and focus of this young guy along with fellow teenager Evgenii was stunning considering they would never have seen open water swimming at this level before,” remarked his Irish teammate Nuala Moore. “He swam at night as well and just the conditions that he just took on, to see him was inspirational.”

The swimmers were all protected, guided and assisted by a remarkably diligent crew including Nikolay Khitrik (Russia-Organiser), Lurii Melnikov (Russia-Organiser), Sergei Chernukhin (Russia-Organiser), Irina Makarova (Russia-Interpreter/Starter), Alexey Svistunov (Russia-President of Russian Book of Records), Rafael Valdes Mendosa (Russian-Interpreter/Starter), Evgeny Novazheev (Russia-kite surfer), Denis Berezhnoy (Russia-kite surfer), Sergey Semenov (Russia-kite surfer), Mariia Netrebenko (Russia-mass media representative), Viktor Muzhetckii (Russia-cameraman), Vladislav Bochkovskii (Russia-mass media representative), Vladislav Bykov (Russia-cameraman), Dmitrii Timofeev (Russia-research team), Victoria Brylin (Russia-recovery team), Nataliya Fatyanova (Russia-Head of medical group), Irina Zhidkova (Russia-doctor), Aleksandr Gremitskikh (Russia-Chief Judge), Krutikov Konstantin (Russia-mass media representative), Gavriil Ugarov (Russia-research crew), Denis Kabakov (Russia-support crew), Kiriil Zaika (Russia-support crew), Natalia Yael Szydlowski (Argentina-nutritionist), Paolo Adolfo Testa (Argentina-coach), Carlos Eduardo Reges (Argentina-doctor), Anibal Ariel Calderon (Argentina-cameraman), Guillermo Gallishaw (Argentina-cameraman), and Alasdair Ross McCulloch (South Africa-cameraman).

Photos courtesy of Nuala Moore.

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