Alexander Studzinski, Wounded And Sick Returns Home

Alexander Studzinski, Wounded And Sick Returns Home

Alexander Studzinski, one of the top professional marathon swimmers in the world, had to cut his early season short with a cut sustained during a recent swim.

“My cut was from a steel cable. The course was triangular and we had to swim it six times. When we were swimming against the current, a steel cable with hard plastic covering and plastic buoys separated us from the public,” explained Alexander.

The fans get extremely close to the swimmers at times during the river race. “They were about 5-10 cm away from us. They were kicking us underwater. At the end of the fifth lap, I was leading the pack and some people pushed the cable towards me and I cut myself badly. The cut was not bleeding much, but [the wound] was getting white and I panicked a bit because of the dirty water. And it was burning like fire on my skin. So I stopped. I wanted to get back at the end of the pack, but the pain was too much, so I decided to get out.”

Tuesday after the race, Alexander got sick similar to the last two years after the race in Rosario. “I decided to pull out of the 57K Maratón Acuático Rio Coronda race, changed my flight and returned home.”

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Steven Munatones