Alisa Fatum Continues Her Brilliant Dominance of the Ice Kilometer

Alisa Fatum Continues Her Brilliant Dominance of the Ice Kilometer

27-year-old veteran and Queen on the Ice Alisa Fatum of Germany broke her own world record in winning her third consecutive IISA world title in the 1000m freestyle in 12:46.04, a time that would have place her 7th overall in the men’s Ice Kilometer. Fatum remains so dominant – similar to Katie Ledecky in the 1500m race in the pool – that she finished over one minute over silver medalist Audrenn Foiny of France and 1 minute 21 seconds over bronze medalist Kyra Wijnker of the Netherlands.

Fatum won the 1000m freestyle at the IISA 3rd World Championship in Murmansk, Russia in 2019 in 13:02:39 in 0.00°C water and -6.3°C air temperatures. She won the 1000m at the IISA 4th World Championships in 2022 in 13:06.18 in Głogów, Poland.

The German phenom just keeps getting faster and faster with age and experience.

1000m Freestyle Female Results (Top 10):

  1. Alisa Fatum (Germany) 12:46.04
  2. Audrenn Foiny (France) 13:49.54
  3. Kyra Wijnker (Netherlands) 14:07.93
  4. Michelle Lane (Great Britain) 14:22.42
  5. Lena Berthelot-Moritz (France) 14:45.93
  6. Rachel Armstrong (New Zealand) 15:07.26
  7. Bárbara Hernández (Chile) 15:08.93
  8. Nichola Murch (Great Britain) 15:09.64
  9. Peta Bradley (Australia) 15:45.97
  10. Grace McLaughlin (Ireland) 15:51.04
  • Former world record was held by Alisa Fatum (27, Germany) 12:48.70 set at Ice Swimming Aqua Sphere Germany

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Photo: Alisa Fatum beim Eisschwimmen im Hallstätter See in Österreich © Privat

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