All For One, One For All Round Jersey

All For One, One For All Round Jersey

Charlie Gravett, Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club.

The British Army won again the Holidays for Hero’s relay race around Jersey. The charity swim raises money for Holidays for Heroes Jersey which provides holidays in Jersey for injured service personnel and their families.

In Jersey, seven teams of six swimmers competed around the 41-mile course,” describes Charlie Gravett of the Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club.

Teams from the actual disabled servicemen and women, The Heroes; the British Army, the Royal Air Force, States of Jersey Airport fire Service, the Jersey Ladies, the Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club and ‘Oscars Old and Bold, a team of retired RAF swimmers competed.

Now my feet have once more touched the deck and I’ve time to take breath, may I say a sincere ‘thank you’ to everyone for their magnificent response and assistance during the planning and execution of the ‘Holidays for Heroes Jersey’ relay.

To have seven teams complete the circumnavigation in one go is in itself remarkable, but to have such a close finish, with all teams touching the wall within 46 minutes was really exciting to witness. You swimmers were superb.”

1. The British Army Swimming Union (Kath Baker, Dave Allcock, Louise Darrock, Dave Johnson, Collette Fear, Helena Richardson) 9 hours 20 minutes*
2. The Royal Air Force Association (Ross Wisby, Sophie Trotter, Simon Wooldridge, Clair Weston, Sarah Hashemi) 9 hours 21 minutes
3. Oscars Heavyweight Old and Bold (retired Royal Air Force members Kevin Warren, Dave Cometson, Keith Willox, Roger Gough, Jamie Piercewright) 9 hours 46 minutes
4. The Jersey Ladies (Sarah-Jane Jones, Tracy Appleton, Ali Wood, Jenny Fitzgerald, Leigh Chaytor, Jo Pullman) 9 hours 51 minutes
5. Help for Heroes – Battle Back Swim Team (Nerys Pearce, Mike Stroughan, Peter Stocks, Paul Owen, Edward McMahon) 10 hours 0 minutes
6. Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club Juniors (Charlotte Vernon, Dominic Holley, Alana Powell, Will Waller, Harry Willis, Jordan Sleight) 10 hours 5 minutes
7. Ports of Jersey Swim Team (Matt Journeaux, Clayton Lidster, Micky Willis, Carl Appleton, Jack Le Brun, Chris Queree) 10 hours 6 minutes

* New Holidays for Heroes relay record

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