All In Good Hands With The Doctors In Charge

All In Good Hands With The Doctors In Charge

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Never in the history of open water swimming have a group of medical professionals ever been so vital to the mission than the doctors and nurses of the Bering Strait Swim.

The Bering Strait Swim was honored for its 6-day relay crossing from Russia to Alaska. The 121-member team included the renowned Dr. Nataliya Fatyanova (right) and Dr. Irina Zhidkova, both of Russia, who were instrumental while leading a team of medical experts of hypothermia and cold-water recovery aboard the mother ship during the crossing.

The team included Dr. Nataliya Fatyanova, Russia (lead physician), Dr. Irina Zhidkova, Russia, Victoria Brylin, Russia (recovery team), Carlos Eduardo Reges, Argentina (doctor), Yason Demeev, Russia (Chief of Hospital), Oleg Revutskiy, Russia (surgeon), Vyacheslav Grigoryev, Russia (traumatologist), Valeriy Koshkin, Russia (dermatologist), Svetlana Gulenkova, Russia (stomatologist), Inna Lesnova, Russia (therapeutist), Vladimir Savinskiy, Russia (doctor of functional diagnostics), Sergey Demyanenko, Russia (Doctor of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics), Sergey Milovanov, Russia (anesthesiologist), Denis Yakushin, Russia (anesthesiologist), Georgiy Feodoridi, Russia (neurosurgeon), Igor Rogushin, Russia (ophthalmologist), Yuriy Obraztsov, Russia (infectionist), Oleg Fartushin, Russia (radiologist), Elena Ionova, Russia (pharmacist), Larisa Popova, Russia (nurse), Svetlana Demenok, Russia (nurse), Galina Domnina, Russia (nurse), Tatyana Bolshakova, Russia (nurse), Svetlana Panidova, Russia (nurse), Maya Surgayeva, Russia (nurse), Ludmila Denisova, Russia (nurse), Valentina Shilova, Russia (nurse), Elena Repula, Russia (nurse), Elena Kukurba, Russia (nurse), Elena Sadovaya, Russia (nurse), and Tatyana Nikolaeva, Russia (nurse).

Photo courtesy of Ram Barkai at the 2014 WOWSA Awards on the Isle of Bute in Scotland where the members of the Bering Strait Swim were awarded the 2013 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year.

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Steven Munatones