Allan do Carmo Wins Travessia do Canal de Ilhabela

Allan do Carmo Wins Travessia do Canal de Ilhabela

Courtesy of Swim Channel, Travessia do Canal de Ilhabela, São Paulo, Brazil.

900 swimmers participated in fourth Travessia do Canal de Ilhabela on November 5th.

Brazilian Olympian Allan do Carmo and Betina Lorscheitter won the male and female races.

The Travessia do Canal de Ilhabel can be held in a southern course, an eastern course, or a closed circuit. Because the weather was very unstable, the channel crossing ended up being held in the closed circuit where the swimmers swum 3.2 km along the coast of Ilhabela, off the coast of the São Paulo state in Brazil.

Do Carmo did not have any problems winning the race, finishing in 31:55 ahead of Luiz Felipe Lebeis in 32:29, Marcos Fraccaro in 33:18s, Marcos Campos in 33:40, and Samir Barel in 33:56.

Lorscheitter was the fastest women in 34:08, placing sixth overall with Catarina Ganzeli next in 34:53, Rafaela de Souza in 35:55, Beatriz Puciarelli in 36:07, and Maria Schimidt in 38:46.

Results are posted here.

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