Aloo: How Rene Martínez Achieved The Triple Crown

Aloo: How Rene Martínez Achieved The Triple Crown

Aloo is a new documentary film by director and screenwriter Gerardo Flores Ruiz about the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming journey of Mexican open water swimmer Rene Martínez Saenz,a member of Protección y Conservación Pelágica AC, a Mexican non-profit organization whose mission is to protect open ocean marine life in Mexico.

Aloo premiered last week in Mexico where the story and filmmaking was highly lauded.

The multi-talented and driven Martínez thought to himself minutes before his first 10 km marathon swim, “If I can do this swim, I will swim the English Channel.” But hours later, he got lost mid-swim as he became dehydrated and discovered a new dimension of suffering. But he moved on and ultimately crossed the English Channel and the Catalina Channel and swam around Manhattan Island.

Martínez sadi, “After a few years from my English Channel swim, I finally got this cut of a video which originally was thought as a memory. After reflecting over my experience, I thought about sharing this journey from the point of view of an “average Joe” who took swimming as a main driver to contribute to a certain cause (marine conservation) if I can inspire a single soul to do something challenging and get out of their comfort zones through physical activity, I will be thrilled.”

Rene Martínez Saenz

The film also features International Marathon Swimming Hall of Famers and fellow channel swimmers Nora Toledano and Antonio Argüelles.

DirectorGerardo Flores Ruiz

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