American Government Officially Recognizes Marathon Swimmer

American Government Officially Recognizes Marathon Swimmer

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

For the first time in history based on what we know, the United States federal government acknowledged the profession of marathon swimming.

Yuko Matsuzaki, a 2010 International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honour Swimmer and Japanese national originally from Tokyo, wanted to move to the United States.

In order to do so, she needed a green card that would enable her to live in Florida as a permanent resident.

Surprisingly, Matsuzaki applied for her green card as a professional marathon swimmer.  That was in fact what she does, but the profession had never been acknowledged before.

¨I did not apply for my green card due to marriage or a different profession like sales, engineering, or coaching. Of course, the immigration authorities had no record or knowledge of marathon swimming as a profession.  But I kept on swimming and proving my profession. Swim, proof, swim, proof…¨

Her diligence, seriousness and passion paid off.  Her profession was officially acknowledged and accepted by the United States Immigration & Naturalization Services.

It was apparently unprecedented.

¨I spent so much time and energy to prove my profession as a marathon swimming. For 18 years.  But now the authorities have officially approved me as a marathon swimmer.  Yes, it is a job and it really exists.¨

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Steven Munatones