Amstel Ice Swim 2020

Amstel Ice Swim 2020

Courtesy of Fergil Hesterman, Roeicentrum Berlagebrug, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Fergil Hesterman wants to share his passion. And so does his mother Christa Hesterman-van Beers.

After the last quadrennial as one of the world’s top ice swimmers, the Hersterman’s wanted to make the most extreme of aquatic disciplines known to more people. So they decided to organize competitions and develop training programs in Watersportcentrum Jeugdland.

The Amstel Ice Swim on December 28th – 29th is one of their creations where swimmers compete in distances ranging from 50 – 1000 meters.

Fergil explains, “The Amstel Ice Swim is organized in cooperation with Roeicentrum Berlagebrug in the city center of Amsterdam. This location is ideal for ice swimming. As a participant, you are swimming along the boat dock, so you are never far away from the shore. The location has a cosy and warm restaurant, heated changing rooms with warm showers and enough space for spectators to be able to encourage and admire the participants of the Amstel Ice Swim. Swimming in the city centre of Amsterdam in the winter is a beautiful and special challenge.”

The Ice Kilometer, in particular, has a large number of world-class ice swimmers and will give fans an idea of who to look for the remainder of the ice swimming and winter swimming season.

Ice Kilometer Entrants
Hanc de Bokx (Netherlands)
Itamar Nitzan (Great Britain)
Sharon Blackwell (Great Britain)
Maria Stelzer (Germany)
Anja Binder (Germany)
Dr. Alexandre Fuzeau (France)
Albert Stienezen (Netherlands)
Chris Laubscher (South Africa)
Götz Paschen (Germany)
Florian Battermann (Germany)
Andrea Startin (Great Britain)
Peter Bond (Netherlands)
Cath Pendleton (Great Britain)
Gerda Holla (Netherlands)
Jaimie Monahan (USA)
Kate Steels (Great Britain)
Josef Köberl (Austria)
Birna Hrönn Sigurjónsdóttir (Iceland)
Sam Whelpton (South Africa)
Ailén Lascano Micaz (Argentina)
Thorsten Ullrich-Stegemann (Germany)
Alex Schilder (Netherlands)
Marcus Reineke (Germany)
Ram Barkai (South Africa)
Martin Kuchenmeister (Austria)
Rachel Doyle (Ireland)
Margot Stenveld (Netherlands)
Olive Conroy Ireland)
Lapo Sarfatti (Italy)
Nikola Kopecká (Czech Republic)
Raymond Oosterbaan (Netherlands)
Kyra Wijnker (Netherlands)
Christof Wandratsch (Germany)
Fergil Hesterman (Netherlands)

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