An Extraordinary Family Of Adventurers

An Extraordinary Family Of Adventurers

An Extraordinary Family Of Adventurers

Courtesy of Lars Simonsen, Denmark.

I lost my house and my job…and I was on the street with my life and my children, 5 and 7 years old,” explains Lars Simonsen.

But Simonsen and his wife Suzi Simonsen made two plans to get back on their feet: they made a normal plan to return to normalcy and an alternative five-year plan of global adventure. They choose Option B. Together with their children Tiuri and Liva, they set off on an extraordinary life.

What an adventure and lifestyle it has become.

Just when I think humans cannot push themselves any further – like Cameron Bellamy swimming 56+ hours from Barbados to St. Lucia or Sarah Thomas pushing herself more than 54 hours non-stop four times across the English Channel – humans continues to surprise and motivate others to extraordinary lengths,” commented Steven Munatones. “These exceptional people challenge modern thought while carving out unique lifestyles and upending the contemporary limitations we seem to put on ourselves.”

And that group of inspirational humans most definitely includes the Simonsen family: Lars, Suzi, Tiuri and Liva.

The Danish family planned, attempted and escorted father Lars on Swim Denmark, a 1,370 km circumnavigation stage swim around Denmark that was completed on September 15th.

We lost our job, house and changed our life to become a full-time adventure family. Our first expedition was 7,300 km in two kayaks from Copenhagen to Istanbul,” recalled Lars. “From the day Liva was born, we have traveled the world looking for adventures. Driving through Europe and USA, cycled in Australia, snorkeled in Asia, skied in Canada and backpacked through South America. The most crazy idea: One and a half years in two kayaks.”

And now Swim Denmark is checked off their list. “I wasn’t a swimmer [before], but now I feel really much a part of the community,” said Lars.

What a journey, what a lifestyle, what a family.

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