Ana Marcela Cunha And Sam De Dona Take Travessia dos Fortes

Ana Marcela Cunha And Sam De Dona Take Travessia dos Fortes

Huffington Post covered open water swimming today – describing one of the world’s best swims: the Travessia dos Fortes Swim in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

When thousands of people of all ages and abilities run madly into the Atlantic Ocean and swim across Copacabana Beach, it’s newsworthy in places far and wide.

Copacabana Beach, site of the 2016 Rio Olympics 10K Marathon Swim, was filled to the brim with thousands of swimmers guarded and guided by thousands of Brazilian military personnel and volunteers.

And the audience was treated to a great spectacle and a great finish, both on the women’s and men’s sides. Olympian Ana Marcela Cunha just beat fierce rival Poliana Okimoto by one second, while up-and-coming Samuel Menegon De Bona barely outswam Olympian Allan Do Carmo by two seconds.

Fast and furious. Fun and festive. For many reasons, the Travessia dos Fortes Swim is one of the world’s top open water swims.

1. Ana Marcela De Jesus Soares Da Cunha, 37:35.0
2. Poliana Okimoto Cintra, 37:36.0
3. Betina Martins Lorscheitter, 39:31.0
4. Maria Caroline De Souza Ferreira, 39:32.0
5. Gabriela Cordeiro Ferreira, 39:35.0
6. Lauren De Oliveira Cruz Goulart, 39:36.0
7. Isabelle De França Longo, 39:49.0
8. Stephanie Gomes Pereira, 39:50.0
9. Caroline Santos De Oliveira, 40:34.0
10. Marcia Pereira Santos, 43:37.0

1. Samuel Menegon De Bona, 35:58.0
2. Allan Lopes Mamedio Do Carmo, 36:00.0
3. Luis Rogerio Lima Arapiraca, 36:00.0
4. Diogo Andrade Villarinho, 36:05.0
5. Victor Hugo Ribeiro Colonese, 36:06.0
6. Victor Pires Simoes, 36:08.0
7. Fernando Estanislau Ponte, 36:10.0
8. Matheus Evangelista, 36:15.0
9. Caio Romao Serebranik, 36:17.0
10. Luiz Felipe Freire Lebeism Pires, 36:53.0

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