Ana Marcela Cunha Wins In China

Ana Marcela Cunha Wins In China

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

It would be a dream finish in Copacabana Beach at next year’s Rio Olympic Games if Ana Marcela Cunha and teammate Poliana Okimoto came down the finish chute together, capturing the gold and silver medals in the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim.

That is precisely what Ana Marcela Cunha did with a host of Chinese, Australian, American, German, Mexican and British swimmers following behind them this weekend in Chu’an, China at the second-to-last race on the 2015 FINA 10K Marathon Swimming World Cup circuit.

Top Results:
1 Ana Marcela Cunha (BRA) 2:03:36.31
2 Samantha Arevalo (ECU) 2:03:39.24
3 Cecilia Biagioli (ARG) 2:03:39.89
4 Isabelle Harle (GER) 2:03:43.21
5 Yanqiao Fang (CHN) 2:03:48.53
6 Dandan Yang (CHN) 2:03:49.15
7 Anna Greta Olasz (HUN) 2:03:52.13
8 Rachele Bruni (ITA) 2:03:52.18
9 Shan Lei (CHN) 2:03:54.72
10 Christine Jennings (USA) 2:03:54.91
11 Angela Maurer (GER) 2:03:54.99
12 Shi Yu (CHN) 2:03:55.65
13 Shiyue Cao (CHN) 2:04:12.69
14 Nataly Caldas (ECU) 2:04:29.76
15 Swann Oberson (CHE) 2:04:52.18
16 Charlotte Webby (NZL) 2:05:01.70
17 Astrid Iturbe (VEN) 2:05:03.70
18 Yilin Li (CHN) 2:06:23.10
19 Shihui He (CHN) 2:06:25.78

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