Ana Marcela Cunha Dominates Capri-Napoli

Ana Marcela Cunha Dominates Capri-Napoli

Photo courtesy of Giorgio Scala, Deep Blue Media, Italy.

While the men raced in packs with a sprint to the finish at the latest FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix race in Italy where the top swimmers were only separated by seconds, the finish at the women’s race at the 52nd Maratona del Golfo Capri-Napoli on September 3rd was one of the most unusual competitions in recent memory.

Very unusually, there were more non-finishers than finishers, including those athletes who finished Over The Time Limit (OTL) or Did Not Finish (DNF). But long-time regular podium finisher Ana Marcela Cunha of Brazil won the race by a dominating 10+ minutes. Additionally, the separation between second-place Alice Franco and third-place Ilaria Raimondi was over four minutes. The entire field was separated in the most unusual fashion.

FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix Capri-Napoli Results:
1. Ana Marcela Cunha (BRA) 3 hours 58 minutes 43 seconds
2. Alice Franco (ITA) 4 hours 9 minutes 16 seconds
3. Ilaria Raimondi (ITA) 4 hours 13 minutes 31 seconds
4. Barbara Pozzobon (ITA) 4 hours 17 minutes 47 seconds
5. Anna Mankevich (RUS) 4 hours 25 minutes 41 seconds
OTL Martina Grimaldi (ITA)
OTL Pilar Geijo (ARG)
OTL Catarina Cucatti Ganzeli (BRA)
OTL Sabryna Lavoie (CAN)
OTL Romina Soledad Imwimkelried (ARG)
DNF Vanesa Rita Garcia (ARG)
DNF Sarah Bosslet (GER)

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