Ana Marcela Cunha Dominates Opening Leg of LEN Open Water Cup in Israel

Ana Marcela Cunha Dominates Opening Leg of LEN Open Water Cup in Israel

The LEN Open Water Cup kicked off its 2022 season in Eilat, Israel. The 6-part Ligue Européenne de Natation series will continue in:

  • Piombino, Italy on May 13th
  • Alghero, Italy on May 20th
  • Belgrade, Serbia on July 12th
  • Kiel, Germany on August 26th-27th
  • Barcelona, Spain on September 24th

Ana Marcela Cunha of Brazil continued where she left off after winning the gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. It was a dominating performance where she won by over 80 seconds over If Leg 1 of the LEN Open Water Cup is any indication, the series will be highly competitive. Three of the top four finishers in Eilat were Olympic medalists.

Ana Marcela Cunha: At one point the men caught us up so after that I tried to swim with them. When they finished their race, there was only one lap to go for us and by then I was far ahead so the tactics worked well. For me, Eilat is a very special place, I won my first big race here and it’s always a pleasure to return here. It was so nice that I was greeted at the technical meeting because of my 30th birthday – now the 20s are over, it’s a new chapter but I’m still preparing hard, this year we have the World Championships in our focus.”

Top 10 Women’s Results

  1. Ana Marcela Cunha (Brazil) 2:06:01.3
  2. Oceane Cassignol (France) 2:07:22.7
  3. Ginevra Taddeucci (Italy) 2:07:24.9
  4. Angelica Andre (Portugal) 2:07:30.2
  5. Giulia Gabbrielleschi (Italy) 2:07:31.5
  6. Barbara Pozzobon (Italy) 2:07:32.0
  7. Caroline Jouisse (France) 2:07:37.5
  8. Lisa Pou (France) 2:07:42.5
  9. Vivien Balogh (Hungary) 2:08:39.5
  10. Bettina Fabian (Hungary) 2:08:44.6

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