Ana Marcela Cunha Puts Her Foot Down In Hong Kong

Ana Marcela Cunha Puts Her Foot Down In Hong Kong

If it is a one-mile swim, a set at the end of a workout, a 25km world championship race, the Olympics, or a FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup, there is one thing that can be assured: Ana Marcela Cunha of Brazil will be racing as intensely as possible.

She is a passionate competitor whose DNA is ideal for open water swimming. In the safe confines of a pool, separate by lane lines, she is fast and world-class.

But put her in a pack with arms thrashing in reckless abandon where there are no lines, walls or confines, she really puts her foot down.

Her passion was showcased again this past weekend. She rose to the challenge and won the FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup race in Hong Kong over Cara Baker of New Zealand and 2-time Olympian Angela Maurer of Germany who incredibly tied in 2 hours 11 minutes 50 seconds and 10 tenths of a seconds.

The results:

1. Ana Marcela Cunha (BRA) 2:11:48
2. Cara Baker (NZL) 2:11:50.10
2. Angela Maurer (GER) 2:11:50.10
4. Nadine Reichert (GER) 2:11:53
5. Olga Beresnyeva (UKR) 2:11:58
6. Shi Yue Cao (CHN) 2:11:59
7. Christine Jennings (USA) 2:11:59
8. Bejaportn Sriphanomthorn (THA) 2:12:10
9. Emily Brunemann (USA) 2:12:15
10. Betina Lorscheitter (BRA) 2:12:21
11. Jing Yu Wang (CHN) 2:13:01
12. Emily Seymour (AUS) 2:13:47
13. Leah Cuttings (AUS) 2:14:33
14. Shi Hui He (CHN) 2:15:11
15. Charlotte Webby (NZL) 2:15:45
16. Caitlin Wall (NZL) 2:25:43
17. Ching Man Chan (HKG) 2:27:01
18. Ming Yu Claudia Wong (HKG) 2:27:08
19. Alice Whiley (AUS) 2:27:09
20. Sithee Sontisiriklit (THA) 2:28:54
21. Hong Fei Qu (CHN) 2:34:21

Photo above shows the tattoo on Ana Marcela Cunha’s foot.

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