Ana Marcela Cunha Sprints To Victory In Setúbal

Ana Marcela Cunha Sprints To Victory In Setúbal

Ana Marcela Cunha won the FINA Marathon Swim World Series race in Setúbal Bay, Portugal.

All swimmers were required to clad in neoprene based on the 17.5°C pre-race water temperature: racing in wetsuits was mandatory based on FINA rules.  But the athletes could not do anything about the 12-16 knot winds – except put their heads down and swim fast.

Setúbal finish

Cunha, the winningest FINA female swimmer from Brazil, told FINA, “It was a tough race, a difficult and unforgiving race. The one area I can control the most is turning buoys. I knew if I got to the last buoy in front, the current would be pushing in my favor.”

28-year-old double Olympic medalist Sharon van Rouwendaal said, “This is a very good start. Normally I don’t make so many medals at the start of the FINA World Cups because I’m training so much. I was leading most of the race, just trying to make it a strong race to make this also as a part of hard training for worlds. I was testing some stuff. I think it played out well.

Leonie Beck, who has long raced against Ana and Sharon, Germany followed just 1/10th of a second behind Van Rouwendaal in third. While Cunha opened up just a little open water, winning by 2.5 seconds, just 3/10ths of a second separated the second-to-sixth positions.

To view additional photographs of the female competitors in the event, see here.

Two young Americans – 16-year-old Katie Grimes and 18-year-old Mariah Denigan – placed in the Top 10, competing against a number of international veterans.


  1. Ana Marcela Cunha (30, Brazil) 2:09:29.90
  2. Sharon van Rouwendaal (28, Netherlands) 2:09:32.30
  3. Leonie Beck (25, Germany) 2:09:32.40
  4. Ginevra Taddeucci (25, Italy) 2:09:32.40
  5. Lea Boy (22, Germany) 2:09:32.50
  6. Jeannette Spiwoks (23, Germany) 2:09:32.60
  7. Giulia Gabbrielleschi (25, Italy) 2:09:33.10
  8. Katie Grimes (16, USA) 2:09:35.10
  9. Barbara Pozzobon (28, Italy) 2:09:52.00
  10. Mariah Denigan (18, USA) 2:10:46.30
  11. Anna Olasz (28, Hungary) 2:10:47.30
  12. Angelica Andre (27, Portugal) 2:11:10.70
  13. Summer Smith (19, USA) 2:15:13.00
  14. Reka Rohacs (22, Hungary) 2:16:00.40
  15. Kensey McMahon (22, USA) 2:16:02.10
  16. Vivien Balogh (20, Hungary) 2:17:46.20
  17. Martina De Memme (30, Italy) 2:19.17.60
  18. Julie Pleskotova (20, Czech Republic) 2:19:28.40
  19. Brooke Travis (21, USA) 2:19:36.70
  20. Cibelle Jungblut (19, Brazil) 2:19:40.20
  21. Anna Auld (18, USA) 2:22:20.30
  22. Mariana Mendes (20, Portugal) 2:28:57.80
  23. Lucie Hanquet (18, Belgium) 2:31:07.60
  • DNF Hae Rim (25, Korea)
  • DNF Arianna Valloni (21, San Marino)
  • DNF Carol Hertel (21, Brazil)
  • DNF Oceane Cassignol (22, France)

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