Anderson vs Grimaldi Duel Kicks Off World Championships

Anderson vs Grimaldi Duel Kicks Off World Championships

The women’s 5 km competition is the opening race on the 2013 FINA World Championships swim schedule and the American team’s eyes will be on their Olympic medalist teammate Haley Anderson.

The personable, ever-smiling, cool, and always composed young woman thrives under pressure. As the co-captain of the USC swim team, she is accustomed to swimming with responsibilities and looking to support and motivate her teammates. And she would love nothing more to kick-off the world championships with a gold medal swim for the American team.

The Italian team is thinking the same. The strong Italian team expects the same victory by its superstar leader Martina Grimaldi. Grimaldi similarly swims well when the pressure is on. Federazione Italian Nuoto would love to kick-off its world championship campaign with a gold.

But the pair will not be alone with gold medal dreams.

Anderson and Grimaldi who can both push it and sprint with the best will undoubtedly sandwich a bunch more fast swimmers between them on the first loop of the women’s 5 km race this Saturday.

Defending world 5 km champion Swann Oberson along with Ophelie Aspord, Rachele Bruni, Ana Marcela Cunha, Isabelle Härle, Marianna Lymperta, Rebecca Mann, Poliana Okimoto, Anna Olasz, and Yurema Requena Juarez are expected to be in the hunt up until the very last stages of the race. But at the end, look for Anderson and Grimaldi to be sprinting for gold and looking to pumping up their teammates.

The field for the women’s 5 km at the FINA World Championships:

1. Haley Anderson (USA)
2. Angélica André (PORTUGAL)
3. Maria Mikaela Aponte (BOLIVIA)
4. Kalliopi Araouzou (GREECE)
5. Ophelie Aspord (FRANCE)
6. Anastasia Azarova (RUSSIA)
7. Cara Baker (NEW ZEALAND)
8. Katia Paola Barros Esquivel (ECUADOR)
9. Rachele Bruni (ITALY)
10. Nataly Rosalia Caldas Calle (ECUADOR)
11. Shiyue Cao (CHINA)
12. Fiona On Yi Chan (HONG KONG)
13. Ana Marcela Cunha (BRAZIL)
14. Danielle DeFrancesco (AUSTRALIA)
15. Margarita Dominguez Cabezas (SPAIN)
16. Laila El Basiouny (EGYPT)
17. Anna Gakhokidze (KAZAKHSTAN)
18. Elizaveta Gorshkova (RUSSIA)
19. Martina Grimaldi (ITALY)
20. Valerie Gruest (GUATEMALA)
21. Isabelle Franziska Härle
22. Wasela Hussien (EGYPT)
23. Mariya Ivanova (KAZAKHSTAN)
24. Hannah Hang Fung Li (HONG KONG)
25. Marianna Lymperta (GREECE)
26. Bonnie MacDonald (AUSTRALIA)
27. Rebecca Mann (UNITED STATES)
28. Maroua Mathlouthi (TUNISIA)
29. Florencia Belen Mazzei Villegas (ARGENTINA)
30. Florencia Melo (VENEZUELA)
31. Aurelie Muller (FRANCE)
32. Swann Oberson (SWITZERLAND)
33. Poliana Okimoto (BRAZIL)
34. Anna Olasz (HUNGARY)
35. Mayela Oropeza Estrada (MEXICO)
36. Kyna Pereira (SOUTH AFRICA)
37. Paola Perez (VENEZUELA)
38. Risa Andriani Permana (INDONESIA)
39. Barbora Picková (CZECH REPUBLIC)
40. Yurema Requena Juarez (SPAIN)
41. Emma Robinson (NEW ZEALAND)
42. Fernando Sevilla Garcia (MEXICO)
43. Mahina Valdivia Dannenberg (CHILE)
44. Michelle Weber (SOUTH AFRICA)

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