Andy's Channel Ladies Set The Bar

Andy’s Channel Ladies Set The Bar

Courtesy of Andy’s Channel Ladies.

Andy King escorted six women on a record-setting three-way relay crossing of the English Channel earlier this week that continued the tradition.

Andy’s Channel Ladies included 24-year-old Nikki Fraser, 33-year-old Lucy Lloyd-Roach, 30-year-old Emma Ross, 28-year-old Natalie Massey, 35-year-old Jane McCormick, and 35-year-old mother Dee Llewellyn-Hodgson.

They set the women’s three-way relay record in 31 hours 20 minutes 50.72 seconds, breaking Julie Bradshaw’s Ladies Relay of 32 hours 31 minutes earlier this week.

Andy’s Channel Ladies just barely got under the long-standing record of 31 hours 21 minutes set by Sun Rice Australian Relay Team in 1993 (an all-male team with Cyril Baldock, Michael Renford, Baden Green, Greg Stewart, Peter Tibbets and Kevin Neilsen, that went on to set the initial four-way relay record of 43 hours 7 minutes), but just missed the three-way mixed relay record split of Sport City Mexico of 30 hours 7 minutes with Mariel Hawley, Jorge Urreta, Luis Pineyro, Omar Díaz González, Alejandro Moreno, and Mayalen Noriega who went on to complete a four-way crossing in 42 hours 11 minutes in 2007.

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