Angela Wood Joins the Legends of Iron Icewomen

Angela Wood Joins the Legends of Iron Icewomen

To become an Ice Ironwoman or a Iron Iceman, you have to complete both an Ice Mile and a full Ironman  triathlon. The two sports require a strong mind and total dedication to their craft, but one extreme sport require many hours on a bicycle and running, often performed in humid, hot conditions, while the other sport is on the lowest end of the tolerable temperature levels for humans.

Angela Wood from Nantwich, England completed three full Ironman triathlons in 2012, 2014, and 2016. She took her talents to the cold water and completed an Ice Mile in 4.13°C water and -1.00°C air temperature at the Hatfield Outdoor Activity Centre in the UK.

She swam 1.02 miles in 36 minutes 30 seconds to become an Iron Icewoman at the age of 43, joining a venerable Who’s Who of extreme athletes:

Iron Icewomen:

Iron Icemen:

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