Anna-Carin Nordin Going With The Flow And Tides

Anna-Carin Nordin Going With The Flow And Tides

Anna-Carin Nordin finds herself on the shores of Seal Beach staring out to Santa Catalina Island, her fourth channel in her pursuit of the Oceans Seven.

The Head-sponsored swimmer trains year-round in a lake near her home in Sweden. From November through April, the water is very cold, but she keeps acclimated by swimming 10 minutes a day. In the warmer months when the lake heats up to 17°C, she swims 4 km loops around the perimeter of the lake.

She tries to swim 10 – 12 km a day, but primarily configures her swims in terms of hours rather than distance. “I like to do 3 hours a day,” she explains. “I also swims in another lake where I can swim a straight-line 4 km out and a 4 km back. My father kayaks with me during this training as my parents live nearby.”

When asked about her favorite workout, Nordin answered “boxing”. As in rectangular swims, like a box? No, she literally meant “boxing” as in the jabbing and punching. “It is good cross-training and I really enjoy it.”

Her interest in swimming across the Catalina Channel was inspired by Penny Palfrey who she met last year in Japan. “She asked me if I was doing the Oceans Seven. At that time, I didn’t know what the Oceans Seven was. When Penny explained, I became intrigued and thought it would be a great idea to try.”

Whether it was her two attempts across the Molokai Channel or her anticipated course across the Tsugaru Channel, she remains calm and composed as she prepares mentally, emotionally and physically for every eventuality. “She is very laid back and just goes with the flow,” says her California swimming friend.

An undoubtedly wise strategy for the woman from Stockholm who aims to complete the Catalina Channel on the first week in July.

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