Annaliese Carr To Start The New And Longer END-WET

Annaliese Carr To Start The New And Longer END-WET

Andrew Magness think big. Real big. And long.

We already have 16 people registered for the 2014 END-WET [Extreme North Dakota Watersports Endurance Test],” said the irrepressible race director of the longest open water swimming competition in North America. “The 36-mile (57.9 km) swim down Red River is capped at 40 people. Annaleise Carr will be our guest swimmer this year. Word on the street is that Martin Strel will be coming back to support one of the swimmers again this year as well. The END-WET is a pretty unique event just in that it’s a windy river, clean although high turbidity, and has a real intimate feel. The current is variable, but won’t be much if anything more than 1 mph and it might be significantly less, too.”

It is unlike any other swim in the country…and certainly the longest in North America.

Magness bumped up the length of the END-WET from 27 miles to 36 miles for the 2014 edition – to be held on June 21st, 2014. Back for its third edition in 2014, the Extreme North Dakota Watersports Endurance Test has been running strong for its initial two years in the mighty Red River from North Dakota to Minnesota. “My head is usually full of wonder and new ideas and what-if thought experiments,” explains race director Magness. “Particularly when I’m inspired by the events and people around me. With all that inspirational energy coursing through my mind and body, I’ve been pacing and wondering and what-if’ing even more than usual.”

So what does this mean for one of America’s Top 100 Open Water Swims?

It means that I’m going to work harder to better develop the part of the experience that was the most lacking in my mind – the finish line. And to ensure that everyone who finishes this race is received like a hero [the course may be lengthened]. We need heroes up here. It’s a hard thing to sell kids in North Dakota on a life of adventure and endurance and the benefits of physical and mental challenges.”

Magness has this in mind for the 2014 END-WET:

Date – earlier in the year so water temperatures are a bit colder and flows a bit higher
Start – Belmont Park/Frog Point (new start location)
END location – Grand Forks, North Dakota
# Portages – 0
Distance – roughly 36 downriver miles
Time cutoff – TBD, a minimum of 16 hours

The last 5 miles are very spectator friendly. There will be an improved finish line atmosphere with more spectators, better food, showers,and community support with a cap of 40 solo swimmers and 10 relay teams.”

As they say on the boat, “You’re almost there…”

The 2013 event was held in hot and sunny conditions (near 90ºF or 32ºC) with the water temperatures around 81-82ºF (27ºC) and light variable winds. The results of the solo swimmers include (*denotes wetsuit use):

1. Karen Zemlin 6:58 (1st)
2. Jen Schumacher 6:58 (2nd)
3. Sandra Berquist 7:01
4. Robert Naylor 7:22
5. Scott Jensen* 7:23
5. Rob McClellan 7:35
6. Michael Johmann 7:36
7. Carl Selles 7:41 (age 66)
8. Tim Root 7:47
9. Patty Hermann* 7:50
10. John Kenny 7:52
11. Susana Martinez 8:00 (age 17)
12. Molly Nance 8:02
13. Ben Smith 8:32
14. Amanda Hunt 8:41
15. Mary Staples 8:48
16. Franco Prezioso 8:53
17. Jake Reed 8:59
18. William Murtha* 9:17
19. Landon Ascheman 8:24
20. Richard Schoenborn 8:28
21. Matthew Compton 8:33
22. Jack Brackett 8:51
23. Caleb Kobilansky 10:09
24. Dan Projansky 11:00 (butterfly)*

Photo shows Dan Projansky who finished the 27-mile END-WET all butterfly.

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