Anne Marie Ward Puts Icing On Her Cake

Anne Marie Ward Puts Icing On Her Cake

IRELAND. Anne Marie Ward decided on short notice to do a short swim.

With the calm surface water at 4.5°C (40.1°C) and the water below at 3°C (37.4°C), Anne Marie approached it as a training swim under light rains and took off with her crew of Noel Brenann, Willie Sheridan and Ryan Ward.

Her time in the water was 30 minutes. “I was foundered (Irish for freezing). This time, I felt the difference between 6°C (on her last cold water swim) and today’s 4.5°C. My fingers and toes really were under pressure since the rain added to the chill. The crew was great and drove me on. I am all recovered now, though the recovery time slower than the previous swim.

With the air temperature was 6°C, this is another milestone and I am delighted now to be training for the Bering Strait in our Meeting of the Sun relay

Her Meeting of the Sun teammate in the Bering Strait, Nuala Moore, is anxious to join her. “I am planning to travel up at end of the month. The lowest we are getting down here is 5-6°C so Anne Marie will go again with me. It’s repeat immersions training for the Bering.”

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