Another Great Year In Jersey

Another Great Year In Jersey

The 2009 Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club had their annual awards ceremony last week. Since its founding 35 years ago, the Club, specifically created to promote long distance sea swimming, has produced 23 English Channel swimmers (with 28 total crossings) and 65 Round Jersey swims since Denize le Pennec first swum the English Channel in 1966 and around Jersey in 1969.

This year’s winners included:

Dominic Holley & Joe Foley, Ann Flambard Trophy
Grace Williams & Mathieu Barbe-Pinel, De Caux Trophy
Ian Lucas, Masters Trophy (MEN)
Heidi McGinty, Masters Trophy (Women)
Dominic Holley, Junior Boys Club Championships
Bradley Rose, Boys Club Championships
Chantelle Le Guilcher, Girls Club Championships
Graeme Lowe, Mens Club Championship
Tracey Huish, Ladies Club Championship

Leigh Chaytor, Sylvia Trehiou & Tim Brooke, Masters shortcourse
Dee Richards & Annette Campbell, Masters long course
Tim Brooke, Mens Endeavour Trophy
Heidi McGinty, Ladies Endeavour Trophy
Bradley Rose, Boy’s Endeavour Trophy
Rhianna Reynolds, Girls Endeavour Trophy
Fraser Brooke, The McLaughlin Trophy for Junior Encouragement
Annette Campbell & Donna Menzies, The Linda Devereux Trophy for Senior Development
William Allen-Le Bas, Boys Attendance Awards
Chantelle Le Guilcher, Girls Attendance Awards
Mick Le Guilcher & Charlie Gravett, Leslie Minty Memorial Trophy
Marilyn Le Guilcher & Pat Roberts, Presidents trophy
Alice Harvey, The Vibert Family Young Person Shield
Chantelle Le Guilcher, The JLDSC Junior Swimmer of the Year (donated by Cliff Golding)
Clare Germain, the JLDSC Pearl Anniversary Trophy (donated by Marion Harvey)
Tasmin Powell, Denize le Pennec Award for the Meritorious Swim of the Year
Martin Powell , Jersey Telecom Club Member of the Year
Chantelle Le Guilcher, Lloyds TSB Private Banking Awards
Alice Harvey, JLDSC Committee Awards for a solo Jersey to France swim (presented by Lloyds TSB Private Banking)
Andy Jordi & Ross Angell, Wendy Prunty Intrepid Trophy
Chantelle Rose, Karen Delahunty Award for the Le Hocq to La Rocque Swim (donated by Mik Delahunty)

Note: Tasmin Powell and Chantelle Le Guilcher (shown above) were both nominated for the Great Open Water Swim of the Year. Online voting can be done here.

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