Aquamasters Marti Hotels Open Water Swimming Champs

Aquamasters Marti Hotels Open Water Swimming Champs

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The International Aquamasters Marti Hotels Open Water Swimming Championships (or the International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championship) were held in İçmeler Bay in Marmaris, Turkey. The event includes 4 races on the Datcha Peninsula.

Adam Walker has made the journey from the U.K. to Turkey for the last three years. “The Turkish people are so kind to me and I’m always treated so well.”

The two-day event – held every May and October – includes a 2 km team event* and a 4 x 500m relay** on the first day. The second day hosts 1.5 km, 3 km and 6 km individual events.*** Walker won the 1.5 km. “Every year, I host the 5-day Ocean Walker camp before the event at the [host] Marti hotel where free entry is provided to the campers.

The camp is an all-inclusive accommodation so all food and drink are covered. Swim campers will learn the Ocean Walker stroke augmented with in-depth video analysis, psychology and training tips, taught in a pool and the open water. There is also the option of a 3-hour swim to test their new swim stroke out.

The transformation in the campers’ swim technique, confidence and mental focus is fantastic.

Walker’s voice and global reach is growing both in the eastern and western directions. This week, he is in Washington D.C. for an international conference on conservation and climate change as one of the guest presenters.

* 2 km International Aquamasters Audi Team Event for male teams (3 men), female teams (3 women) and mixed team (either 2 men + 1 woman or 2 women + 1 man).

** 4-person International Aquamasters Netsel Marina 4x500m Relay for men (4 male swimmers), women (4 female swimmers) or mixed (2 men + 2 women).

*** 1.5 km, 3 km, 6 km International Aquamasters Marti Hotels Open Water Swimming Championship is on October 9th.

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