AquaTalk Between Swimmer And Coach

AquaTalk Between Swimmer And Coach

We came across a new waterproof communication device that provides a communication link between swimmers in the water and their coaches on the pool deck, aboard an escort boat, or on a kayak.

With the AquaTalk equipment, coaches can talk to their swimmers while the swimmer’s head is in the water.

The real-time feedback can be invaluable. Tina Huang explains, “The Underwater +3 Channels is for coaches to provide real-time feedback for technique training using bone vibration technology. Coaches can speak with their normal voice and even the hearing-impaired athletes can utilize the technology. This can help improve swimming in ways swimmers and coaches never thought possible.”

With a range of 120 meters and up to 3 meters underwater, the range of the Underwater +3 Channels is quite impressive and potentially useful for open water swimming sessions and pool practices.

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Steven Munatones