AquaTex Take Travis In Texas

AquaTex Take Travis In Texas

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Not even a morning full of drought-dampening rain or heavy-duty Texas thunderstorms could put a damper on the 11th Annual Lake Travis Relay. With a delayed start and slightly adjusted course swimmers rallied for a day of swimming challenge and fun.

AquaTex Wonder Women won the race in 3 hours 19 minutes followed by race founder Keith Bell’s 300+ Men’s team Follow Us in 3 hours 23 minutes. The Mighty Mermaids, a team of six mature women swimmers placed fourth overall.

1. AquaTex Wonder Women (G. Anconetani, S. Yang, B. Westra, C. Phillips, H. Scherger, D. Waworuntu) 3:19:09
2. Follow Us (K. Legrow, K. Wiggans, B. Buras, Keith Bell, B. Buras, T. Bellino) 3:23:10
3. Austin Water Polo (C. Williams, K. Prol, G. Perry, S. Garretson, S. Murray, J. Breslin) 3:26:28
4. Mighty Mermaids (Nancy Steadman Martin, Christie Plank Ciraulo, Jenny Cook, Tracy Grilli, Karen Einsidler, Veronica Hibben) 3:28:30
5. AquaTex Guys (A. Gallardo, B. Ellinor, L. Ellinor, A. Anconetani, S. Roberson, T. Olstad) 3:36:33
6. Denton Legends (J. Sheridan, S. Ehler, M. Ball, W. Weinrich, M. Glasschroeder, A. Best) 4:05:23
7. Villa-age People (R. DeAguirre, A. Urvan, N. Crecelius, N. Schuber, A. Colosimo, C. Schuber) 4:06:07
8. Villanators (T. Vibrock, P. Bryant, B. Perry, C. Andrews, S. Campbell, A. Werner) 4:07:46
9. CCFD 456 (D. Smith, E. Smith, T. Bonser, P. Fecht, D. Woodward, C. Meeks) 4:16:53
10. Lisa Dunlap 4:21:02
11. Lake Lusters (R. Ravel, D. Murietta, S. Whitehead, J. Pusch, S. Lichtenwalter, C. Phares) 4:35:39
12. Key Lymies (H. Elliston, R. Thompson, A. Thompson, S. Schrader, J. Black, M. Moore) 4:42:09
13. Sandy Creek 6 (C. George, G. Webber, L. Lawrence, A. Harris, B. Harold, B. Bickerton) 4:47:36 14. Swimsanity (M. Nijim, K. Swanson, K. Haefle, L. Longbottom, G. Rosenkranz, S. Hamm) 4:48:30
15. Without a Paddle (W. Stafford, J. Stafford, S. Stafford, L. Stafford, J. Palarczyk, C. Donohue) 5:59:04

The Lake Travis Relay is organized by the American Swimming Association which also hosts the upcoming Tex Robertson Highland Lakes Challenge, the world’s first competitive swimming stage race, now in its eighth year.

For more information see: and a related article on the Mighty Mermaids, visit here.

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