Aquatic Aloha All Around

Aquatic Aloha All Around

Courtesy of Lexie Kelly, Waikiki Roughwater Swim, Oahu.

Kaia Hedlund, race director of the Waikiki Roughwater Swim, talks about some of the fastest swimmers who will competing among another thousand swimmers of all ages from around the world in the 2.4-mile swim across one of the most famous beaches in America.

7-time world professional marathon swimming champion Paul Asmuth will swim as will Pan American medalist Alex Kostich [two of the most accomplished adult open water swimmers].

Aukai Lileikis, son of long-time ocean veteran and 2-time winner Joe Lileikis, will be a strong contender. Aukai swam at the 2016 USA Olympic Swimming Trials in several events.

Ollie Signorini and Cherelle Oestringer, the men’s and women’s defending champions from last year, are both swimming again.

Drew Holloway and Phoebe Hines will definitely be in contention. Phoebe was nationally ranked in Australian open water swimming. They study at the University of Hawaii and their coach Dan Schemmel thinks they will do well

In addition to the fastest swimmers, around 1,000 people of all ages and abilities are attracted to the cross-bay swim in Waikiki. Signature Waikiki Roughwater Swim suits by HardCore Sport can be purchased here.

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