Archives On The Tsugaru Channel

Archives On The Tsugaru Channel

With so much global interest in Stephen Redmond‘s Tsugaru Channel attempt today, the Daily News of Open Water Swimming thought it would link a few of its previous articles about the Tsugaru Channel.

The least known of the Oceans Seven waterways, the 19.5 km Tsugaru Channel is a fast-flowing, rough channel sandwiched between the main island of Japan (Honshu) and its northernmost island (Hokkaido) where winds howl and whitecaps regularly sprout in a dynamic movement of water:

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• Is Radiation Impacting The Oceans Seven?
• Rules Of The Tsugaru Channel Swimming Association
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• Twice The Pleasure, Double The Trouble
• From The Sea Of Japan To The Pacific Ocean
• Bravery In The Tsugaru Channel
• Tunnel Under Tsugaru Channel Broken By Swiss
• Masuyuki Moriya Crosses The Tsugaru Channel
• If There Were Sister Swims In The Open Water
• Top 50 Open Water Swims In Asia
• Seven Summits vs. Oceans Seven – Which Is Harder?
• A Short List Of Long Marathon Swims
• Oceans Seven Coming Down To A Summer Climax
• Helping Others Navigate The Channels Of Japan
• Seven Up – Swimmers Heading To The Oceans Seven
• That’s No Bull – Stephen Redmond Is A Star
• Why Stephen Redmond Will Do It…And Why He Will Not
• Miyuki Fujita On Swimming The Tsugaru Channel (in Japanese)

What does the Tsugaru Channel normally look like on a calm day?

Follow Stephen Redmond here across the tempestuous channel.

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