Are Men Adding More Color To Open Water Swimming?

Are Men Adding More Color To Open Water Swimming?

From Asia and Oceania to the Americas, Europe and Asia, it seems that men’s swimsuits are becoming more and more colorful at open water swimming events.

More colorful…and more expensive.

The French swimsuit brand Vilebrequin (“crankshaft” in French) is coming out with its newest set of its limited edition board shorts that cost a whopping US$550 (350€). Designer Zaza de Brito explains, “The inspiration was to celebrate the quintessential Vilebrequin prints and create a swim trunk photo album of our signature and unique prints from over the years.” The expensive pair of board shorts are 100% cotton capped with a zinc alloy that gives the 12-color garment a more vintage look that colorfully reproduces flora and fauna (including flowers, fruits, salamanders, pelicans, kangaroos and sea turtles).

Other high-end board shorts include the US$128 Katin Apolis Striped Chambray, the US$154 Sundek x Neil Barrett Camo and the US$285 Orlebar Brown Editions Bulldogs.

Colorfully swimming fast seems to be the wave of the future.

Photos of the swimsuits above were taken at the Fran Crippen One-mile Dash for Cash in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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Steven Munatones