Are Sharks Increasing Or Have They Always Been There?

Watch this video here, courtesy of CBS Los Angeles from Manhattan Beach, California

Media reports that an increase of sharks are seen in various locations around the world, including in Southern California.

Is there an actual increase in the number of sharks along coastal waters? Have the protected marine waters around the world led to more sharks been born? Or have the sharks always been there? But do the sharks only seem more numerous now compared to before because waterproof cameras and mobile phones enable stand-up paddlers and swimmers to take these photos?

It seems that there ARE more sharks in the ocean, at least on the West Coast of America according to George Burgess, Director of International Shark Attack File maintained by the American Elasmobranch Society at the Florida Museum of Natural History of the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. While an earlier study stated that there were only 219 Great White Sharks along the coast of California, evidence shows that there are actually more than 2,400 great whites in the area.

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Steven Munatones