Arianna Bridi Plans, Swims, Wins In LEN Open Water Cup

Arianna Bridi Plans, Swims, Wins In LEN Open Water Cup

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Arianna Bridi is a great open water swimmer, but she faces a slew of world-class competition in her native Italy.

Swimmers like Rachele Bruni and Martina Grimaldi are her more well-known domestic competitors.

But after a long winter season of hard training, she came into her own at the recent LEN Open Water Cup 10 km marathon swim in Eilat, Israel where she narrowly beat her teammate Giulia Gabbrielleschi.

I did exactly what I [planned],” she explained about her calm demeanor as she moved through the lead pack to take the lead for good with 3 km to go. “I’m so happy.”

Results from the 2016 LEN Open Water Cup Women’s 10 km in Eilat are below.

1 Arianna Bridi (ITA) 2:00:29.95
2 Giulia Gabbrielleschi (ITA) 2:00:31.00
3 Nikoletta Kiss (HUN) 2:00:57.15
4 Jana Pechanova (CZE) 2:01:00.05
5 Joanna Zachoszcz (POL) 2:01:00.35
6 Sarah Bosslet (GER) 2:01:06.50
7 Alisia Tettamanzi (ITA) 2:01:10.15
8 Ilaria Raimondi (ITA) 2:01:52.05
9 Justyna Burska (POL) 2:04:48.95
10 Eden Girloanta (ISR) 2:04:49.35
11 Silvie Rybarova (CZE) 2:04:58.60
12 Alena Benesova (CZE) 2:08:08.80
13 Chaya Zabludoff (ISR) 2:08:08.90
14 Ellen Olsson (SWE) 2:08:44.10
15 Nilay Erkal (TUR) 2:08:47.70
16 Rotem Amit (ISR) 2:09:12.95
17 Tali Lemcoff (ISR) 2:10:02.20
18 Lenka Sterbova (CZE) 2:10:28.35
19 Avital Flaishman (ISR) 2:11:54.70
20 Rotem Meirov (ISR) 2:12:15.20
21 Ecem Donmez (TUR) 2:15:28.90
DNF Rotem Bela Shimron (ISR)
DNF Neta Ester Shiff (ISR)

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