Around And Around And Across Goes John Batchelder

Around And Around And Across Goes John Batchelder

It is another busy summer swimming season for prolific marathon swimmer John Batchelder.

On June 29th, Batchelder became only the fourth person in history to swim butterfly across the 33.5 km English Channel, flying across in 16 hours 13 minutes. Then on August 13th – 14th, he completed the 40 Bridges Swim, 91.8 km twice around Manhattan Island, this time swimming freestyle.

According to his escort pilot Michael Twigg-Smith, Batchelder just completed a 42 km crossing of the Molokai Channel. “He started at Papohako Beach on Molokai at 6:00 pm on September 29th and finished on Sandy Beach on Oahu at 8:11 am today. He swam freestyle [which] I think he will agree that was a good choice. It was quite rough out there. He was stung by a Portuguese man o wars four times, but he powered on through to finish at Sandy Beach. A current from the north pushed him away from Alan Davis Beach over the final 2 km.”

Batchelder talks about his 40 Bridges Swim here and his English Channel butterfly crossing here. We can’t wait to read about his aquatic adventure in the waters of Hawaii on his blog here.

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