Arrive, Survive, Thrive On The Big Red Bus Around 4 Piers

Arrive, Survive, Thrive On The Big Red Bus Around 4 Piers

Hank Wise is organizing a marathon swim-run around the fishing piers of Orange County, California. The Catalina Channel swimmer explains, “Get on the Big Red Bus with your goggles in hand. Who said dress up party? Just arrive, survive and thrive at the best Sunday Morning Swim Party Ever.”

On August 26th at 8 am in Long Beach, the merry bunch of adult swimmers will completely no brain it with goggles in hand and in fashionable costume having fun on the bus on the way to and from each pier.

DJ Matty Mitchell‘s booming hits will “keep your head bobbing. Hit the pavement in bare feet and your swim suit, cap and goggles through the quiet peace of Newport Vintage Fishing Village, and a summery body jaunt of swimming around the Newport Pier. Then onto the Balboa Pier and the Huntington Beach Pier (shown above) and back swimming at the home of the Sea Monkeys – the Seal Beach Pier.”

It’s about an end of summer, a celebration of the aquatic lifestyle with fun aquatic friends. It’s about “because we can!” The piers are just there, waiting for the aquatic community to come together and swim around them.

Wise warns, “First 60 RSVPs or first 60 on bus! Bring your dancing speedo!

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