As The Pros And Amateurs Gather In Santos, Brazil

As The Pros And Amateurs Gather In Santos, Brazil

35 of the world’s top professional marathon swimmers, including World Cup champions Thomas Lurz and Poliana Okimoto and swimmers from Russia, Croatia, Israel, Canada, the Netherlands, the USA, France, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Equador, Venezuela, Germany, Italy, England, Portugal, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Australia are expected to descend upon Santos, Brazil – with huge crowds to cheer them on.

The pro athletes will participate in the rectangular 10K Atlantic Ocean venue (see course map on left) at the Maratona Aquática Internacional de Santos (Santos International Marathon Swimming Renata Agondi Trophy).

The first leg of the 2010 FINA 10KM Marathon Swimming World Cup circuit will be held on January 31st – and will be a great indicator who is in shape or not.

Hosted by the Brazilian Swimming Federation and organized by two-way English Channel swimmer Igor de Souza, a member of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, the race should culminate in an exciting finish and great kick-off to the 2010 season.

But the pro race will also be held in conjunction with an opportunity for amateurs of all ages and abilities to participate in 1K, 2K and 4K races in the I Etapa – Santos event (Copa do Mundo da FINA). Like the pros, the amateurs can showcase their talents in the beaches of Brazil.

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Steven Munatones