Ashley Twichell Is No Dark Horse

Ashley Twichell Is No Dark Horse

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Ashley Twichell will defend her title at tomorrow’s RCP Tiburon Mile in what is being billed as one of the most challenging ebb tidal conditions in the race history.

Twichell, who is visiting San Francisco this week, before her marriage next week to Derek Wall, looks radiant and confident.

But with an ebb tide expected to wreck havoc on everyone’s pre-race plans, anything can happen.

Twichell will face long-time rivals Keri-Anne Payne from Great Britain as well as Americans Christine Jennings, Becca Mann, Tristin Baxter, and Stephanie Peacock in a winner-take-all pro race.

The female elite champions over the years have included:

2013 Ashley Twichell (USA) 25:09
2012 Melissa Gorman (Australia) 21:46
2011 Melissa Gorman (Australia) 19:20
2010 Christine Jennings (USA) 24:45
2009 Melissa Gorman (Australia) 24:06
2008 Britta Kamrau (Germany) 21:48
2007 Chloe Sutton (USA) 19:04
2006 Chloe Sutton (USA) 21:49
2004 Sara McLarty (USA) 20:46
2003 Brooke Bennett (USA) 19:30
2002 Brooke Bennett (USA) 22:35
2001 Christina Teuscher (USA) 19:42
2000 Brooke Bennett (USA) 26:10
1999 Brooke Bennett (USA) 21:40

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