Ashley Twichell Looks Good Winning The Queen's Grid Race

Ashley Twichell Looks Good Winning The Queen’s Grid Race

Ashley Twichell has been turning heads all week in Rio de Janeiro with her sunny disposition and athletic pedigree. Come race time, she did it again at the grid race at the Queen of the Sea competition in Brazil.

She played her cards right as she let Ana Marcela Cunha take the lead for 600m of the 800m course on Copacabana Beach. Then the world champion picked up the pace and dropped the field rather comfortably over the last 200 meters.

I felt really good. I didn’t want to lead the whole way and I knew Ana Marcela would take it out fast.

Towards the end, I had lots of speed which is not always the case with me. I moved into the lead after the second-to-last turn buoy because I never want to be tied or behind at the end. The water temperature was perfect and I feel very good for tomorrow’s [Queen of the Sea] race

While Twichell earned the pole position with her convincing victory in the grid race, officials were still going over the photo finish between Nadine Reichert and Ana Marcela Cunha to determine who finished second.

Photo of Ashley Twichell training by Robert Garzon.

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