Ashley Twichell Wins Photo Finish Over Keri-Anne Payne

Ashley Twichell Wins Photo Finish Over Keri-Anne Payne

Photos courtesy of Elliot Karlan Photography, San Francisco, California.

One year after cancelling the 2015 race for the non-elites due to unexpectedly strong currents, the excitement of the RCP Tiburon Mile returned to San Francisco Bay.

The 1 nautical mile race has always had its share of close races, but the 2016 edition was a joy to behold.

In the tightest female competition in the race’s history, American Ashley Twichell barely edged out long-time rival and Olympic silver medalist Keri-Anne Payne of Great Britain with a short onshore burst of speed to win her third career RCP Tiburon Mile.

The two women have raced together in four continents and numerous countries since 2009. In competition in salt water or fresh, 1 mile or 10 km, the British-American duo are nearly always swimming stroke-for-stroke, from the start to the finish.

In contrast, Twichell’s long-time national teammate, Chip Peterson, won his second career RCP Tiburon Mile in the men’s race over Australia’s Michael Sheil. Quite unusually, only three men finished in the Top 10 as the female competitors really enjoyed a competitive nautical mile in the San Francisco Bay this year.

Elite Race Top 10 Results:
1. Chip Peterson (USA) 25:12
2. Michael Sheil (AUS) 25:18
3. Ashley Twitchell (USA) 26:06
4. Keri-Anne Payne (GBR) 26:06
5. Emily Brunemann (USA) 26:26
6. Lauren Boyle (USA) 28:06
7. Katy Campbell (USA) 28:09
8. Stephanie Peacock (USA) 28:15
9. Dan O’Connor (USA) 28:18
10. Catherine Breed (USA) 29:19

Photo sequence of the final sprint and run up the beach by Elliot Karlan is posted here.

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