Ask Questions During Live Marathon Swim Broadcast

Ask Questions During Live Marathon Swim Broadcast

With the water temperature hovering between 23°-25°C (73-75°F) under pleasant weather conditions, English Channel world record holder Petar Stoychev will face off against Olympian Mark Warkentin, Rondi Davies and Tobey-Anne Saracino today in a world record attempt around Manhattan Island in New York City.

During the technical meeting before the race, it was interesting to see the dynamics between the female amateurs (Rondi and Tobey-Anne) who have swum at night before and the male professionals (Petar and Mark) who have never swum during dark conditions or with glow sticks.

When asked why she seems so comfortable, Tobey-Anne Saracino smiled and remarked, “Oh, but you should see me on the inside…”

Fans can view the entire race live at SwimNetwork. If you have any questions about the event before or DURING the live online broadcast, email your questions here (

Your questions will be answered live during the swim that will last between 3:30 pm – 9:00 pm tonight New York City (e.g., “…this question is brought to us by Chris Guesdon of Tasmania who asks…”).

If Petar sets the world record around Manhattan Island, it will be one of those very rare times in open water swimming history when a single individual simultaneously holds more than one major marathon swimming world record (e.g., Penny Dean concurrently held the one-way English Channel and one-way Catalina Channel records between 1978-1994).

History may be made tonight…live from New York City.

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