Association Calls Into Question Stephen Redmond’s Success

In a shocking development over the euphoria over Stephen Redmond’s recent achievement of the Oceans Seven challenge, the Tsugaru Strait Swimming Association has called into question whether Redmond did actually complete the historic swim.

As Stephen Redmond was flying back to Japan and receiving accolades for his 12 hour 45 minute conquest of the Tsugaru Channel, his achievement was called into question by one of the two sanctioning bodies in the Tsugaru Channel.

The Tsugaru Strait Swimming Association claims that Stephen Redmond’s 12 hour 45 minute swim was not legitimate for two reasons: (1) He swam at night, and (2) his swimming pace.

The Japanese press has started to delve into the veracity of these claims.

It is a fact that Redmond started his swim in mid-day and finished past midnight. It is also a fact that Redmond swims at a slower pace that the average English Channel swimmer.

On the flip side, it is a fact that Redmond had an independent observer on his boat and his swim was entirely tracked by a GPS unit and witnessed by thousands of people online. Videos and photos remain that provide evidence that Redmond did in fact complete the swim under standard channel swimming rules.

But even more fundamentally, the reputation of Redmond is undeniable. He has already swum the North Channel, English Channel, Catalina Channel, Strait of Gibraltar, Cook Strait and Molokai Channel as well as Fastnet and other swims. Such a brilliant track record suggests that Redmond’s swim across the Tsugaru Channel is one for the record books.

Additionally, Redmond hit wonderful conditions on his fourth attempt and swam at the fastest pace he has ever done.

But the Japanese Coast Guard does not like people swimming at night as a general rule in any Japanese waters. Because Redmond’s swim was completed at night, the Tsugaru Strait Swimming Association states that his swim did not follow the rules of the channel although other swims in the channel have been done at night.

More information will be forthcoming on this late-breaking news.

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Steven Munatones