Elite Open Water Swimmers In The Athlete Village

Elite Open Water Swimmers In The Athlete Village

The Athlete Village will use its technology and expertise to provide an educational review and informative analysis of the men’s and women’s 10K races at the USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships on June 4th in Long Beach, California.

After video-taping the world-class 10K swimmers from Canada, America, Azerbaijan and Egypt from the feeding stations and lead escort boats, The Athlete Village will sponsor a unique panel discussion at the Global Open Water Swimming Conference.

The panel will review, analyze and discuss the swimming technique, racing tactics and strategies utilized by the top swimmers in an effort to uncover and share their open water swimming skills.

7-time world professional marathon swimming champion Shelley Taylor-Smith and former FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Chairman Sid Cassidy who have witnessed more world-class 10K races that any other individuals on earth will join 2-time world masters open water swimming champion Gerry Rodrigues and others to review and discuss the race footage with Dartfish Analysis Software.

Watch and learn how world championship medalists like Fran Crippen, Andrew Gemmell and Chloe Sutton compete against FINA World Cup medalists like Kirsten Groome, Mazen Aziz and Eva Fabian, NCAA champion Emily Brunemann and 3-time Olympian Sergiy Fesenko.

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