Attila Mányoki on the Oceans Seven: How I Cheated Death and Broke the Hardest Record in Swimming

Attila Mányoki on the Oceans Seven: How I Cheated Death and Broke the Hardest Record in Swimming

What a great book to read on the shores of Southern California with Catalina Island visible in the horizon,” said Steven Munatones.Attila Mányoki‘s new book is 199 pages of inspiration.” It can be purchased here on Amazon.

Attila explains the content of his book, Oceans Seven: How I Cheated Death And Broke The Hardest Record In Swimming. “I take you with me on my Oceans Seven crossings, show my battles in the water, and the thoughts that I had. I also share many more memories from my childhood to the present day.

My words were put into writing by Martin Schauhuber. Over many years, he was present several times as a helper on board the escort boats, where he experienced the events up close.”

Amazon summarized his book, “If you had to swim through hell seven times, wouldn’t you try to get it done quickly? Attila Mányoki made it his life’s mission to complete the Oceans Seven – and break the world record while doing so. This crowning jewel of marathon swimming comprises seven of the most dangerous channels in the world, tormenting swimmers who dare to cross them with freezing water, deadly wildlife, and massive waves.

In this book, Mányoki takes you on his journey from his beginnings as a short kid with asthma through decades of painful struggles and unlikely successes, all the way to a night spent on life support. He relives the day a Greek stranger gave him the most valuable of life lessons, explains his secrets to enduring excruciating pain and opens up on how he faced the sea that had almost killed him for one final showdown.

Austrian author Martin Schauhuber did a great job. Attila says, “He really captured my words. In my eyes, it is not a biography. There were so many memories from my swimming life and some from my younger years.”

Attila Mányoki in middle with fellow Oceans Seven swimmers Elizabeth Fry of the USA and Nora Toledano of Mexico

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